Whatever your requirements may be, we are here to assist and assess you, by listening to your needs. Assuring that the transition that you wish to mark is honored, celebrated and tailored to your personal requirements and beliefs. It is our absolute belief that there is no right way, we are all unique and, therefore being so, we all deserve to be heard and respected in our uniqueness, this is a humanist approach which  offers a space within which you are  able to plan and create the perfect occasion for you and your family.

holding dads hand

The Departure Of Loved Ones

Many of these transitions can be traumatic and painful we have specialized therapists available to accompany and help you to process by channelling your emotions so that this transition is as gentle as possible.

There is a celebration and blessing that resides in all major life events and changes that unfold during our lifetimes.

It is through our personal and professional experience that when these life changing events are witnessed and honoured within the community,  a great healing can consequently take place. We are able to fall back into the natural cycles of life´s patterns and come to know and accept that everything is in transition enabling us to continue to move through the wheel of life.

Please feel free to openly express your wishes and requests and there is no initial commitment required.