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Welcome to blessinginspain.com


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Let me introduce myself, my name is Jessica Simpson, I’m an official bilingual (Spanish/English) celebrant. I have lived in Spain from the age of 7, so I’m fully integrated in to the area, where I live, work and bring up my family.

Having started performing ceremonies after having become involved in local politics in 2011, my experience ranges from marrying on the beach with the waves splashing at our feet, to performing ceremonies in some of the most exclusive locations in the area.

As a councilor in Mojácar, Almería (Southern Spain), I can perform official weddings,   I also perform a wide range of (humanist) blessings for those who wish to have a different kind of ceremony in company of their beloved family and friends abroad, this is a non legal binding act of union.

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Due to the recent expansion of our services we now have a team of professional celebrants on board to offer all kinds of blessings for all types of ceremonies.

We tailor make ceremonies for all kinds of celebrations and blessings of all nature.

We like to make that special and unique event memorable for all.

We offer a wide variety of rituals to enhance the ceremony, to give the bespoke event  an extra personal magical touch, to mention a few, we currently perform: sand ritual, candle ritual, hand fasting & water blessing for wedding blessings.


Blessing in Spain offers all types of blessings we have a professional team of celebrants that will offer a complete personalised service  to accompany you in all major life transitions. Which include;

  • Wedding Blessings and Celebrations.
  • The Renewal of Vows.
  • Naming Ceremonies.
  • Humanist Funerals and Tributes.
  • Rites of Passage (Transition into adulthood, leaving home etc).
  • The Loss of a Beloved Pet.

If you would like more information please feel free to contact us.

For wedding blessings:


For all other kinds of blessings:



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